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(fyi, these are American's top 3 concerns regarding healthcare)


1.  It's a pain to go to the doctor's office.

2. I can't understand my medical bills.

3. I don't know if I'm paying too much.


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The traditional healthcare industry has become impossible to navigate.  Longer wait times, illegible billing, hidden fees, and increasing costs are all symptoms of a broken system.  At, we've developed a solution to empower you.  For a fraction of your health insurance premium, your e-passport membership will give you the tools and information to let you get back to living well.


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Just a quick note regarding how responsive your staff continues to be: Brigitte hung in there with me on a tough, tough, dental issue – SOLVED. Ashley gets me quick, concise answers to my questions regarding the coverage...Your folks are your secret weapon, giving you a competitive advantage. I couldn’t do it without them.
— Rita Kline, SPHR Director of Human Resources Universal Traffic Service
Jamie, Lori, and Ashley are always so helpful. You can hear it in their voice that they really care about your needs..THANK YOU JAMIE!
— Tracey Cochran, Lake County
Vicky and Lindsay both helped with several questions/problems. They know what they are doing. I feel my concerns are taken seriously and results can be expected quickly.
— Paula Hunter, Community Mental Health for Central Michigan
Thank you for all the information and diligently working on my questions and claims. It’s this type of customer service which is impressive, rare and appreciated. Sure, I can get my insurance from a friend of a friend in a local office in Midland, but truthfully no one person or company has done such a wonderful job as you folks.
— Michelle Ignatowski

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